Greetings and respect to dear students and professors

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Dear orchestra students, under the supervision, teaching and compassion of experienced and professional teachers, they are practicing and preparing for the performance in the main hall. The performance hall and the time will be announced later.

Cultural Vice-Chancellor, Unit 48, Tehran

Greetings and respect to dear students and professors

Dear friends, with regards to the highest authority of the center of music in Tehran East province and respected professors in coordination with music students.
It reminds me of the future with new fields of composition and... with unit 48, he wished success, after the efforts of you dear ones and the cooperation and cooperation of prominent music professors, he works with compassion.

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Greetings and Regards

 ارکستر سمفونیک
From all university students who are interested in becoming a member of the symphonic orchestra of Tehran University of Applied Sciences, Unit 48

In the fields of violin, viola, cello and all wind instruments

He is invited to do the test.

On Wednesday, April 19

Assembly Hall of Applied Science University, Unit 48, Tehran