The food industry is one of the most important issues in the world, which of course, due to the sensitivity of this issue, can be considered a strategic mega-issue for the security and development of countries. In other words, in today's world, a country that cannot provide food for the local community cannot stand at high levels of security (in all its aspects).

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In this regard, although Iran is located in a semi-arid and water-scarce region, and its geography often faces the problem of water scarcity, but the fertile soil and its proximity to the open waters of the world, as well as the angle of the sun's rays, have turned Iran into a country with four seasons and seven climates, which has great potential. It is high and unique in the production of agricultural products, horticulture, and even meat and dairy products, and it can be used in a precise and coherent and purposeful planning.Not only to cover the needs of the local market in most of the products and conquer the neighboring market, but also to have an eye on international export. In addition to these cases, the region of Iran has a very high ability to grow agricultural and horticultural crops in a greenhouse environment, and this means that it can produce any product with superior quality and supply it to the domestic and foreign markets throughout the season, and in this way, not only Foreign currency outflow should be prevented, but foreign currency acquisition with the highest added value should be achieved, and on the other hand, the security of the country should reach the highest possible level.

The important issue is that achieving this goal requires the unity of the industry and all the main players, from the government to producers and merchants. Adopting expert policies with the presence of real private sector activists and based on the advantages and capacities and, of course, the needs in the domestic and foreign markets, using the country's scientific and academic power for ideation and ideation in order to produce products with international standards, developing the transformation and complementary industry in the nearest place for garden and farm and animal husbandry, the introduction of modern technology and the use of technological machinery in order to reduce the finished price and increase the proThe development of food diplomacy by activating the hidden and hidden capacities of embassies in the first step by emphasizing the neighboring countries and converging countries in political relations and in the next step international markets especially in the Eurasia and Caucasus region, currency price stability and providing production facilities and incentives for production Export-oriented products, creating grounds for concluding joint memorandums with target countries in order to bypass sanctions, creating grounds for attracting foreign investors in order to stabilize markets, are important and main measures for the development of the food industry as an important pillar in the security, economic and political authority of the country. Is.ductivity of the land at the same time as the import of technical knowledge

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