University of Applied Sciences: The University of Applied Sciences is one of the affiliated universities of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with the aim of enhancing the skills of practitioners in various economic sectors and enhancing the professional skills of training center graduates who lack executive experience. Establishes and organizes associate and master's and master's degrees by employing and organizing facilities, material and human resources of the executive system

Introducing Branch 48 of Applied Science Center: Branch of Branch 48 of Applied Science and Education of Tehran with Hamad and God Almighty since 2003 with permission from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Ministry of Science to provide participation of executive agencies and agencies Government and non-governmental to train specialized human resources needed by various economic, social and cultural sectors of the country, work in the fields of cinema, accounting, business management, law, photography Picture48. Cultivated and experienced country, filmmakers, Plato, studio, movie room, studio, workshop Music equipment and studio, chrome-plated studios, sewing workshops with the most advanced sewing and sewing machines, up-to-date sites and systems, creating a vibrant atmosphere and providing all the amenities and equipment (Airhaki, ping pong, Handmade football, chess, darts, brain teasers, etc.) Having more than a decade of association and focus (Photography Group, Film & Critical Association, Accounting Department Scientific, Student Clothing Design and Scene Design Association) Experience in providing free and varied workshops for students, with educational facilities and support Experienced practitioners have managed to continue their work in 21 art and cinema associates and undergraduates. The strategic goal and strategy of the Office of Personnel is the Center for Efficient Force Training, Effective Work and Creative Managers. The abilities, achievements, creations, innovations and impact of the students of this center are displayed every year in the festival of movement, movement movement and festival of Quran and Etrat, and thanks to the favor of God, it has won first and second places.


In general

Objectives of Tehran University of Applied Sciences 48

    Providing and preparing conditions for academic, industrial, military and scientific development activities and applied scientific research in the country.
    Providing the infrastructure necessary for the transfer of new technology.
    Providing necessary and appropriate preparation and application of graduates' theoretical courses in solving scientific and practical problems.
    Development and promotion of qualitative and quantitative indicators of applied education in society.

Benefits of Tehran University of Applied Sciences 48:

    Allow students to choose units. Because all courses are separated into skill packs and the lessons of each skill are completely separate and separated, choosing these skill packs is not mandatory as in previous modules.
    The pass mark is 10 in each lesson, but in the previous modular courses, you had to score 12 in each course.
    There will be no comprehensive examination of the entire semester after the exams. Of course, in previous years, which was modular, every student had to pass the four-semester exam, after which he / she was given a degree.
    Applied Science University majors have academic exemption (Benefits of Applied Science University)
    It doesn't cost a lot for its students compared to tuition fees

    Providing unnecessary (in-work) courses for both undergraduate and undergraduate degrees and a low volume of time relative to its course time has led to housewives and women who do not have enough time and time to attend classes, and a passion for continuing education. They are buzzing, the desire to attend the University of Applied Science is increasing day by day


Associate Degrees in Tehran 48 Center

Professional Cinema Associate - Film Editor

Professional Cinema Associate - Imaging

Professional cinema associate - film production and production

Professional cinema associate - filmmaking

Professional Cinema Associate - Screenwriting

Professional Associate of Visual Arts - Photography

Professional Music Associate - Iranian Musician

Professional music associate - classical musician

Accounting Associate - Financial Accounting

Professional clothing design associate

Professional scene design associate

Professional Assistant Director

Professional acting associate

Professional makeup artist

BA Degrees Center 48 Tehran

Bachelor of Animation Professional - Director

Professional Cinema Expert - Director

Professional Cinema Expert - Film Editor

Professional Cinema Expert - Filmmaking

Bachelor of Professional Photography - Advertising

Professional Photography - Fashion and Apparel

Bachelor of Performing Arts - Stage Design

Professional Accounting - Accounting

Professional clothing design expert

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