Online screening of the short film "Coordinator" in Tiwal
Winner of the first prize for the best short film at the National Organ Donation Festival

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Another proud page from the students of Unit 48

Writer and director: Mohammad Alipour

Actors: Parva Aghajani, Ahmed Samimi

Cinematography director: Mehdi Behbahani

Sound recording director: Yaqub Abdullahi

Producer and director consultant: Mehrnoosh Hajihosseini

Edited by: Mohammad Alipour

Assistant director and programmer: Saman Sorkhabi

Costume designer: Amir Ali Razban

Stage secretary: Mehtab Rasouli Poivendeh

Makeup: Atefe Rezaei

Production manager: Amir Amini

Scientific-cultural consultant: Dr. Ehsan Alibeigi

Music: Azam Ali

For watching click on the above link :

Derar Unit 48

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Behnam Senai won the statue of the best film Hamed Aslani won the statue of the best director Shida Gurji won the statue of the best editor Hossam Mawafaq won the statue of the best  cinematographer

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For the film " S "

Special congratulations to the 48 students who are the pride of this science and art unit.


Dear friends, in the last days of the year, still the best students of the country (Unit 48) performed in five parts at My Lady's Festival




Best regards, Dear students Students of the Design Municipality of Tehran Fashion and Clothing Festival have been honored with the honor of being one of the students and all students and professors are always successful and healthy